A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Golf Tee

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Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to enhance your game, we're here to assist you in selecting the perfect golf tee. In this blog post, we will delve a little deeper into the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of golfing equipment and give you a comprehensive guide to choosing (yes you guessed it) the perfect golf tee.

Choosing the right golf tee may seem like a minor detail, but it can significantly impact your performance on the course. From the height to the material and even the color, each aspect plays a role in optimising your tee shots and maximizing your swing potential. So, let's explore the three key considerations when it comes to selecting the correct golf tee.

Choosing the Correct Tee Height

When looking at all of your available options for golf tees it can quickly become an overwhelming process to choose the right one for your game. First up, what length is best?  You have the option to buy tees that are as little as 25mm all the way up to the legal maximum height of 100mm (what?!) under the rules of golf.  With all of these different lengths, the important thing to know is that your standard tee height needs to get the equator of the ball in line with the top of your driver.  That being said, we don’t necessarily suggest that you buy tees that are just tall enough to get you there but instead buy tees that give you the option to tee it higher if needed.

Our top tip on the course is to make sure you use a tee – even for those shorter holes, this will help give the elevation you need to make full use of your club and improve your control of the shot.

You may want to use classic golf tees and vary the depth you put them in the ground depending on the club you are using – while this is a good option we do find that the further you put tees into the ground the more likely they are to break. For this reason, if you prefer classic golf tees, we would recommend a mix of longer and shorter lengths.

We also have castle tees. Castle tees are designed to ensure a consistent setup for your shot each time. To pick the correct castle tee height for your game, simply measure the height of your driver head and buy the tee that closely matches that height.

To maximize consistency, accuracy, and ball flight, teeing the ball at the appropriate height is the most important factor when choosing a golf tee.  If you are an experienced player, choose a tee that gives you options but remember, the majority of your drives need to be played at the same height.  If you are not an experienced player, check out castle tees to ensure that your tee height is perfect every time.

Castle golf tees also tend to be colour coded. Our castle tees for example all have a 20mm stem in the ground, so minus 20mm for all the lengths below and this will give you the height above the ground.

Green 25mm

Red 32mm

Blue 38mm

Yellow 45mm

White 50mm

Pink 60mm

Orange 70mm

Still not sure what type you need? Check out one of our gift sets that include both castle and classic tees. We find that our golf tees make great golf gifts!

Choosing the Correct Material

Just like tee height, you have options when choosing your golf tee material. You have the option of going with plastic tees, hardwood tees, and of course – bamboo golf tees.  

The factors to consider when looking at these different material types are durability and sustainability for the course.  When it comes to durability all tees do a decent job but plastic and bamboo definitely rise above hardwood. We are sure that you have experienced breaking your tees on every drive, which can be not only annoying, but also costly.

With the durability question solved your options here come down to plastic tees and bamboo tees.

Plastic golf tees are great for players, don’t get us wrong; however, they are terrible for the environment. Lost or broken plastic tees take decades to degrade back into the earth and can stay in the ground at your local course long after the course closes its doors. Also, if your maintenance staff is nice enough to pick up and throw away old golf tees, these plastic remains will contribute to the program of overused landfills.

To solve this problem, we recommend bamboo tees. Bamboo golf tees have the same strength as plastic and last much longer than traditional hardwoods. Also, bamboo is a sustainable and biodegradable material. Whether your course lets lost and broken golf tees sit on the box until mother nature takes them away or has a maintenance crew that picks them up; you can be rest assured that they will do no lasting damage to the planet. 

When it comes to the debate of plastic, wooden, or bamboo, we think you will agree that bamboo golf tees are the best option. They are stronger than wood and just as durable as plastic while being sustainable for the planet.

At Green Swing, we understand the significance of choosing the correct golf tee for your game. From tee height to material selection, each decision directly impacts your performance on the course. By considering these factors carefully, you can optimize your tee shots, enhance consistency, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Tee height plays a vital role in achieving the ideal launch angle and distance. Whether you prefer consistent tee heights or the flexibility to adjust based on the shot, we recommend selecting tees that offer options. Castle golf tees provide a consistent setup and are an excellent choice for those seeking maximum height consistency.

When it comes to material, durability and sustainability are key considerations. While plastic and hardwood tees have their merits, they fall short in terms of environmental impact. Bamboo tees offer exceptional durability, strength, and eco-friendliness. Choosing bamboo golf tees ensures that you can enjoy a long-lasting tee while reducing your environmental footprint.

In the debate between plastic, wood, and bamboo - bamboo emerges as the clear winner. It’s strength rivals that of plastic while being completely biodegradable and sustainable. By opting for bamboo golf tees, you contribute to a greener golfing experience and help preserve the beauty of our planet.

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