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At Green Swing we have a genuine passion to make a change and manufacture good, fit for purpose, products that will positively impact sport. With our range of bamboo golf tees we hope to offer a fantastic alternative and positively encourage golfers to make the switch from plastic.

Plastic Sucks 


Our goal is to eliminate the need for plastic tees and promote sustainability on the golf course.



We are proud to present the largest selection of Bamboo Golf tees in classic and castle tees to make the switch from plastic easier than ever. Explore the range in full in our store and if you think anything is missing be sure to let us know! 

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From 25mm through to 83mm we have your game covered. All our tees are uniquely marked on the cup and the stem.

We have invested heavily in customised designs, tooling and unique styling to bring a collection of forward thinking bamboo golf tees to the game.  


At Green Swing we recognise that change is required, and golf is evolving


Why do we use bamboo?

No doubt many of you are already well versed in the benefits of bamboo as a material – the grass that keeps on giving!

  • Bamboo grows at an accelerated rate, taking only a few months to reach maturity.
  • Bamboo absorbs higher levels of CO2, which in turn gives a greater purpose to grow and cultivate it.
  • Bamboo is tougher than wood counterparts – this makes it well suited to becoming a golf tee, great at holding the ball and each tee should last longer!
  • Bamboo is biodegradable, which means it is able to be broken down over time and avoid becoming pollution.


As a result: Our tees are strong, sustainable and biodegradable


All our products are packaged in an unbleached kraft box which is 100% recyclable, fits neatly in the bag and also makes for a great golf gift!

We hope that you enjoy using our bamboo golf tees, at Green Swing we continue to evolve and we look forward to sharing new products with you in the future. If you have already tried our tees, please do let us know by leaving a review, in turn encouraging others to make the switch and join our club.

 We are also proud to support Less Plastic, a charitable organisation dedicated to reducing plastic and non-essential waste. Click here to find out more.


Take your shot, leave only divots


Green Swing bamboo golf tees

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