An Icon: The Pink Castle Golf Tee

In the colourful world of golf tees, there's one vibrant standout that has captured the hearts of golfers far and wide: the Pink Castle Tee. This eye-catching tee isn't just a fashion statement; it's a symbol of style, sustainability, and now it can be a conscious choice for eco-friendly golfers.


pink castle golf tees


Let's explore the allure of the pink castle tee and uncover the reasons behind its iconic status on the tee box.

A Splash of Colour on the Green

Picture this: a picturesque golf course, a clear blue sky, and amidst the lush greenery, a pop of pink standing tall. The pink castle golf tee instantly grabs attention, adding a touch of elegance and playfulness to every tee box. Golfers who appreciate both style and substance find themselves drawn to this uniquely hued tee, making a statement with every swing.

Golf is all about consistency, with your trusted pink tee you feel a sense of safety you won't get elsewhere. Memories of that straight drive (maybe even with a hint of a draw) and the hope of repeating it time after time, we can all dream.

Pink, often associated with energy, love, and positivity, brings a refreshing vibe to the golf course. Amidst the sea of traditional wooden and plastic tees, the Pink Castle Tee stands out, celebrating individuality and confidence.

Perhaps by mistake, a colour that was previously selected is now being chosen for the ideal tee height. The tee height is set at 40mm above the ground. It proves to be the most popular size picked by castle tee users, again and again.

What sets the pink castle tee apart is not just its colour but also its material. At Green Swing, we craft our version of the tee from Moso bamboo, which showcases the fusion of style with environmental consciousness.

Unlike its plastic counterparts, bamboo is biodegradable and renewable, ensuring that your love for golf doesn’t come at the cost of the planet. Available in both natural bamboo and full colour editions, plus also keep your eye on our Limited Edition collections for the occasional release of these pink golf tees.

Making a Difference, One Tee at a Time

By choosing the Green Swing bamboo golf tees, you're not just elevating your game; you're contributing to a greener golfing community. Each bamboo tee planted on the course represents a commitment to sustainability, a small yet impactful step towards a more eco-conscious world.

At Green Swing, we've taken the range of castle and graduated tees to the next level. Our high quality bamboo alternative combines style, durability, and sustainability, making it the preferred choice for golfers who care about the environment. They also make great golf gifts too!

By opting for our pink castle tee, you have the same trusted tee but you are also supporting a movement towards eco-friendly golfing practices.

pink graduated golf tee


The Pink Castle Tee: A Symbol of Style and Sustainability


The pink castle tee isn't just a tee; it's a statement. It represents the harmony between fashion and sustainability, proving that even a small golf accessory can make a big difference.

It's time to ditch the plastic golf tees and wooden golf tees with our sustainably sourced alternative. For innovative golf products come to Green Swing, starting with your bamboo castle golf tees.

All orders are shipped the same working day before 4pm, with free delivery across the UK and free international shipping after a qualifying amount. 

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