Insight: Our First Golf Glove

We are incredibly proud to present our first golf glove – available for both men and women in a crisp white finish, made from a premium quality Cabretta leather.

From the world of bamboo golf tees, Green Swing is proud to present the latest product in our portfolio. The path for making a product you can hang your hat on (or hands!) is not an easy one, we thought you may appreciate some context and background of how we arrived here with our first golf glove.


Green Swing Golf Glove


The Result: Something we are incredibly proud of.


Overall, the development process for the glove took us around six months to complete. We took a deep dive into the many material options and colour choices available to be sure we were bringing the best possible golf glove to market, meeting both our fit-for-purpose mantra and our high expectation for quality.


For us the details are wholly important. Whilst we realise that bringing a golf glove to a very busy market is a challenge, we simply couldn’t just use the cut and paste model, which would have been far simpler, and a route that many brands may opt to take.


We looked at man-made (PU) leathers and natural leathers. Higher-quality gloves are typically made from more durable materials, such as leather or synthetic materials, engineered for longevity. As a consequence, we looked at a plethora of materials and options before deciding that a 100% leather was the best choice to make.


We have sourced a manufacturer who meets the standards set by the Leather Working Group – an organisation who hold the industry accountable for responsible leather. LWG are a not for profit that drives best practices and positive social and environmental change for responsible leather production. We are proud to say that we source our leather from a tannery that meets their gold standard.


White golf glove


In order to get the best feel, our glove is milled between 0.4 and 0.45mm thick, so as to feel like a second-skin, with maximum comfort to the wearer. Any thinner and it would tear, any thicker and the glove feels heavy, fits poorly and worst of all, you lose the best contact with the club.


How about some colour? In recent years, a number of brands have brought coloured gloves to the market, but, during our product testing stage, we found that these colours ran on to the hand when wet and therefore were not deemed fit-for-purpose. We are still exploring this option and are currently testing a new material. We cannot rule out adding some colour to our golf gloves in the future, but right now we are focused on a fresh and classic look.


Every hero needs a calling card right? Our glove is no different and as such we decided to print the flag insignia from our logo onto the palm of the glove. This is a design feature we have not seen before, and whilst  we have seen other gloves with a print, we wanted to do something fun, different, extra – however you see it, we are here for that.


You will also note the   S W I N G E R   label on the glove, another detail that we have started to add to the new products hailing from the Green Swing maison. A play on words for sure but we like to see it as a hallmark of quality, and where possible this label is made from recycled polyester. It’s a small detail but one worth mentioning for sure.


It wouldn’t be a Green Swing product without giving focus to the packaging. As you would expect, the packaging is fully recyclable and each glove is hand packed in paper before being neatly packaged into the envelope style Kraft box.


Green Swing Golf Glove


The devil is in the detail.


We believe that we have strong foundations in place to grow the category of golf gloves at Green Swing. With designs afoot to move ahead in the future, we hope you can appreciate and enjoy the first iteration, the OG, the freshest glove that we could have made and one that we felt was the best place to start.


In the past year, we have made golf accessories and golf gift sets to compliment our awesome collections of bamboo golf tees. Now, as we continue our growth, we hope that you will join us on our journey. Golf tees, golf gloves and golf gifts, all made with purpose; and we are still just getting started!


You can shop our first golf glove here, with free UK delivery as standard and free international delivery after a qualifying amount.


All our products are warehoused locally and available for immediate dispatch (same day before 4pm). With free delivery across the UK and available to customers worldwide.


By shopping with Green Swing you are supporting an independent business focused on bringing a positive change to golf.

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