Are You Organising a Golf Day?

Organising a golf day is more than just coordinating tee times and choosing the right course. It's about creating an experience for your attendees and making it a day to remember. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a charity fundraiser, or a casual day out with friends, here's your comprehensive guide to ensuring your golf day is a resounding success.

Define Your Objectives

Before diving into logistics, clarify the purpose of your golf day. Are you aiming to build team spirit, raise funds for a cause, or simply enjoy a day of golf? Defining your objectives will shape the entire event.

Select the Perfect Venue

The choice of venue sets the tone for your golf day. Consider factors such as location, course amenities, and the overall atmosphere.

Plan Well in Advance

Successful events hinge on meticulous planning. Start early to secure preferred tee times, accommodate any special requests, and ensure a seamless experience for participants.

Customise the Experience

Tailor the golf day to your audience. Consider skill levels, preferences, and any unique features your group might enjoy. Our personalised golf tees can add a unique touch, creating memorable keepsakes for participants. If you are looking to go further, perhaps we can create a range of different custom options to best suit your needs.

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Incorporate Fun Challenges

Spice up the day with on-course challenges. Longest drive contests, closest-to-the-pin competitions, or even a friendly putting tournament add an element of excitement. We would certainly recommend offering a prize to the winner of the in-game competitions. Whether it be a box of our bamboo golf tees, an organic cotton cap or one of our golf gift sets.

Leverage Technology

Streamline registration, communication, and scoring with golf event management apps. These tools simplify the organisational process, leaving you more time to enjoy the day. The can also be great fun in game to see the scores of your attendees as they go round the course.

Consider Food and Beverage

A well-fed golfer is a happy golfer. Plan catering options that suit the setting, whether it's a casual barbecue, a buffet, or snacks on the go.

Embrace Sponsorship Opportunities

Seek out local businesses or sponsors aligned with your event's theme. Green Swing's dedication to sustainable golf makes them an ideal partner for environmentally conscious events.

Prioritize Sustainability

In the spirit of responsible event planning, choose eco-friendly options. Green Swing's range of golf tees perfectly align with a sustainable golfing ethos, offering a green alternative without compromising on performance.

Capture the Moments

Hire a photographer or encourage participants to share their experiences on social media. Memorable moments create lasting impressions and help build excitement for future golf days.


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Organizing a golf day is an art that blends logistics with the love of the game. By incorporating these tips and choosing partners like Green Swing who share your commitment to excellence, you're on your way to creating an unforgettable golfing experience. Here's to a day filled with birdies, camaraderie, and the joy of the perfect swing!

Green Swing offer free delivery across the UK with same day dispatch on orders placed before 4pm. For large personalised orders please allow extra time, contact us now for more information.

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