Bamboo, Plastic or Wooden Golf Tees?

From A to TEE

For us, it all starts with a Tee. But we know that many golfers use different sizes, shapes, colours and that trusted lucky tee which adds an extra 10 yards to your tee shot every time…

While we do make many different shapes and sizes of golf tees, the material never changes. We use only sustainably sourced bamboo.

This bamboo is grown in China, specifically for manufacture and for us the project is simple – to remove the need for plastic from golf courses and take plastic away from the tee box.

In this article, we’ll be comparing bamboo to plastic and wooden golf tees in regards to their performance and their impact on the environment. 

bamboo golf tees

Bamboo Vs Plastic Golf Tees

On a closer inspection you may see a wealth of tees littering the course, from the box to the bushes of your local course. Some freshly laid and some that may have been there for weeks before eventually being chewed up by maintenance machinery and spat out unrecognizable from the familiar 60mm castle shape that it once occupied.

Plastic golf tees are durable, and they are cheap. But what is the real cost?

Our intention has always been to make a product that is fit for purpose. So we make strong and durable tees from bamboo that will share a similar life span to plastic, but once they are used up they will begin to biodegrade, leaving no lasting impact.

While plastic tees use resin and harmful materials during manufacture, bamboo does not. In fact zero harmful products are needed to cultivate it and bamboo then replenishes at an astonishing rate – bamboo can reach maturity in only a few months.

Bamboo Vs Wooden Golf Tees

Bamboo is in fact grass. Many purist golfers choose wood because it does not mark a golf club but have you ever thought of the journey that tee has been on? The trees cut down to make the many thousands of tees that tend to break a lot easier than plastic or bamboo, just to save a small mark on that new Driver.

We know there is a choice. We welcome choice and variety in our game but we have to highlight the downfalls of costly materials in your pocket and on the environment.

We all love being on course and taking in the contours of the scenery – it's time we thought a little more about looking after it.

The Verdict

Plastic and wood have long been the most popular materials for making golf tees, but we believe that now is the time for change. Our range of bamboo golf tees are high quality and made to last; they are every bit as durable as your standard plastic or wooden tee. But most importantly, they are sustainable.

With the peace of mind from knowing that you are doing your bit to help the environment, you can keep your complete focus on your round. Depending on your playing style and preferences, choose between our selection of bamboo castle golf tees or classic tees and order online. 

Take your shot, leave only divots.

At Green Swing we support sustainability within golf and invite you to join our club by making the #LessPlasticPledge.

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