Benefits of Bamboo Golf Tees

Benefits of Bamboo Golf Tees

At Green Swing, we are focused on the reduction of plastic on the golf course with our range of bamboo golf tees. But what are their benefits? 

As a relatively new material on the golf course, you can be forgiven for wishing to stick with your tried and tested tees. But we decided to put this blog together, to talk about the benefits of making the switch from plastic and wood to bamboo. 


Bamboo is strong. As a result, the grass is the perfect material to suffer the impact of a club swing at around 100mph. As it has a degree of flex, it is less prone to snapping than wood.


Bamboo grows at an accelerated rate. We use Moso bamboo which is grown in China. This bamboo takes 3-6 months to reach maturity as opposed to the years it would take a tree. 

Whilst it is biodegradable, wood is simply not a sustainable material to harvest. But bamboo can be grown specifically for the manufacture of everyday items, harvested sustainably and without causing any lasting damage to the local environment. 

Better still, bamboo actually absorbs almost twice the amount of carbon dioxide than a tree, requiring very little water, and zero use of harmful pesticides during the growing phase. 


Once discarded, a bamboo golf tee will begin to biodegrade in just a few months. Whilst it will take a few years for the bamboo to entirely biodegrade, this is surely much better than plastic, which will take hundreds of years. 

In fact, did you know that every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence? Accordingly, our mission is to provide an awesome alternative fit for purpose tee that you can easily switch to. 

Carbon Footprint

We ship our tees directly from the point of manufacture to our warehouses in the UK, Europe and the US. After which we ship directly to the customer, thereby cutting out any unnecessary steps in the process. If we could manufacture locally in our warehouses we would, but we simply cannot at the moment

So, we do the next best thing and manufacture locally where the bamboo is grown to cut out additional major transport links. This enables us to operate a lean shipping model to get our tees to the tee box as quickly as possible. 


We know that bamboo tees are often more expensive per tee than plastic and wooden tees. Bamboo is more expensive to use in manufacturing than plastic injection moulding. The manufacturing process is a lot more hands-on, and every tee that we make is handled individually several times throughout the process. 

At Green Swing, we believe in paying a fair price throughout the process, as there are no shortcuts here. We also do not offer in huge quantities, because we believe that mass-market production is excessive and wasteful. 

One hundred golf tees in a plastic bag? We think 30 is plenty and we and many of our customers have played many rounds using just a single tee! By this logic, a box will last a long time and is not more expensive than the coffee you buy before your round (or the beer afterwards!). 

We are here to Champion its Benefits 

We would not use bamboo to manufacture our headline products if we did not believe in it! We have seen the advances in bioplastics, but we have also seen very poor results on the golf course, so the jury remains out on that one as an alternative material.

We hope this helps you in making an informed choice. We believe that bamboo golf tees will soon be the norm, and we are proud to present our range of tees. At Green Swing we have your game covered! Strong, sustainable, biodegradable and packed neatly within fully recyclable packaging. 

See you out on the course! 

Thank you for reading our blog. If you are looking to buy environmentally friendly bamboo golf tees, why not take a look at our range of tees? Also, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are always happy to respond to your enquiries.

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