Can you use a tee on the fairway?

Can You Use a Tee on the Fairway?

New to golf or just wondering what you can and cannot do? At Green Swing, we are here to answer those questions no one dares to ask, but have probably thought about.

Granted, the rule book is long and often complex. For those keen watchers of the game, you will see the rule book frequently referenced for those what-if situations. So, can a tee golf be used on the fairway?  The answer is no. There may be exceptions, in cases of winter conditions, snow, the ground under repair, or if your playing partners allow it. But it is still technically a no.

Once in play, the ball must be played where it lands otherwise a penalty is to be taken. With the winter rules, this is slightly different and designed to limit damage to the fairway rather than improve your position, although it ultimately does. However, be sure to check the course rules.

We get that you probably have your Green Swing bamboo golf tees and you’re keen to put them to use, let it be limited to the tee box. Probably you hit your shot short, or maybe a top that has not made it very far (it happens), this could be the perfect opportunity to take out your fairway wood or hybrid to improve the maximum distance. The good news is that these clubs are designed to be hit off the deck so you shouldn’t need the added elevation of a tee golf.

What about a friendly round? Of course, go for it. We are big fans of welcoming new players to the game and if you aren’t slowing play and you know that using a tee on the fairway is against the rules. Maybe this will help you improve over time so that you don’t need it in time, we were all new to golf once!

We would add here that if you are struggling off the tee, our best advice is certainly to seek some lessons. The help and guidance you will get will help you to improve your swing and then your enjoyment of the game in the long run. We all play differently, but certainly a great idea to get a professional to help you eradicate any bad behaviours before they become ingrained!

So, back to the use of tee golf on a fairway

You may get a few raised eyebrows, but at least you get another crack at using your awesome Green Swing bamboo golf tees! We are exploring the myths of golf and we have come across many interpretations of age-old rules. As a result, our advice is depending on how you are playing the game. In a tournament, this stands no chance, but with friends as earlier mentioned, it can fly.

We would love to hear some of your what-if scenarios. All sports tend to have rules that do have some room for interpretation, but this can often lead to a few bitter comments after the round. For example, if a ball bounces into the deep rough off the tee, do you make them play another or do you allow them to drop one down there if they cannot find it? Surely this would offer an advantage if they hit the distance, as their second tee shot may well end up in play but with much less distance.

Sometimes it is good to clarify before the round and with familiar playing partners, some of these rules tend to be agreed upon in principle over a period. But it doesn’t make them any less contentious!


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