Do You Use Golf Tees with Irons?

Do You Use Golf Tees with Irons

One thing every golfer wants to do is find small ways to improve their game. From using the best golf tees to fine tuning their technique, the small things can help yield a collective improvement to our game. There are many questions that golfers have when teeing off. One of the common ones on shorter holes is whether or not to use golf tees with irons. Let’s take a look at the answer to that question.

Why Do You Tee Golf Balls?

The purpose of a golf tee is to raise your golf ball a bit off of the ground. The major reason for doing this is to yield a better strike with your club’s face, allowing the golf ball to go farther. Distance and accuracy are key factors when it comes to golf. Thus, teeing the ball has a benefit to your game.

When people envision striking a teed golf ball, they probably picture hitting it with their driver. After all, most holes will require the use of a driver. However, on shorter holes par 3’s, you will likely want to turn to an iron instead as a drive can yield too much distance.

Do You use Golf Tees with Irons?

This raises the question about whether or not to use golf tees with your irons. You definitely can use a tee with an iron. In fact, the majority of golfers prefer doing so. In fact, the original rules of golf require that all players use a tee on their first shot of a hole. While this has since changed and using a tee is optional, it is common to use them with irons.

Using a tee with an iron has a similar effect as using one with other clubs. By elevating the ball a bit, you are able to deliver and more accurate strike with the club. This results in a better shot that travels farther. Typically, golfers will use a shorter golf tee placement when it comes to using irons.

Which Colour Golf Tees are Best?

Many golfers find that the best golf tees for them to use are castle tees. This is because castle tees are designed in a way that elevates the ball the same every single time. Thus, you can become more consistent with your swings and improve performance.

However, it is important to realize that there are a variety of different heights for castle tees. Some are better used with specific clubs. These different tees are easily distinguished by having specific colours.

Typically, the castle tees that you will want to use with drivers are yellow, white, orange, and pink golf tees. When it comes to irons, you will want to opt for red, blue, or green golf tees. For hybrid clubs, you can choose from white, yellow, blue, and red. The specific tee in each colour range you use depends on your personal preference and swing.

Are Wooden Golf Tees Better?

Another question people often discuss when considering teeing up their drives is the type of tees to use. Traditionally, there are two major golf tee types – wooden and plastic. Each of these types has their own unique characteristics.

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to wooden golf tees is their price. These tees are much more affordable than plastic tees. Additionally, they tend to be less likely to break when placing them into firm ground.

Of course, one of the most resounding benefits of wooden golf tees – and the reason we started this company – is the environmental benefits. Wooden golf tees are natural and biodegradable in contrast to plastic ones which can take hundreds of years to break down. Opting for wooden tees is definitely a huge benefit for the environment.

The major benefit cited when it comes to plastic golf tees is that they are a bit more durable than wooden tees. However, those who prefer the environmental friendliness of wooden tees but want extra durability often opt for bamboo golf tees. Bamboo is a type of grass that has a higher strength to weight ratio than graphite.  This adds extra durability compared to your typical wooden tee. Thus, bamboo golf tees are perhaps the best golf tees on the market today.

Trust Green Swing for Your Golfing Needs

If you are searching for bamboo golf tees that are high quality and environmentally friendly, Green Swing is the place for you. Here, you will find classic golf tees, castle golf tees, ball markers, and a variety of golf gifts.

Trust that you are helping improve the environment while also improving your golf game! We are happy to help other golfers become more sustainable in their methods while enjoying their time out on the links.

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