Golf: It's a personal game

The perfect golf swing doesn't exist. It's personal and unique to the individual. At the top of the game we see contrasting styles on the course at the golf majors and on the tours, at grassroots level it is no different.

A coach will certainly guide you on how to correct the poorer elements of your game but always building on what you already have.

Golf is a personal game and what works well for you may not necessarily work well for others.

The same with your bag set up. We see some players reach for a driver at every opportunity, while others feeling more confident with a hybrid, a wood or an iron.

Carry bag, pencil bag or cart bag - maybe a simple choice but certainly down to the individual. Your golf bag is almost an extension of yourself and the clubs and accessories that you carry in it, very personal to the player.

Classic golf tees or castle golf tees? We would say, whichever works best for you. And to that note, we provide a raft of options in varying colours and sizes to offer choice within these segments. Bright colours or muted tones, everyone plays and enjoys the game differently.

bamboo golf tees


Perhaps one area we can all come together to agree on is the use of plastic golf tees. If you haven't made the switch yet, it's time to move to bamboo golf tees. We think it is a simple choice.

Bamboo tees are sustainable. They are manufactured from a resource that we can grow in abundance in a controlled manner. This is an eco friendly solution to that will not affect your game in a negative way.

Bamboo tees are strong. As a grass, bamboo has a lot more flex than wood so the tendency for them to break is much less than wooden golf tees.

Bamboo tees are biodegradable. They are not indestructible so when they do break they will begin to degrade, with plastic tees taking hundreds of years. Plastic golf tees are also not widely recycled which so the percentage of plastic tees in existence is mind boggling. If the demand shifts to bamboo golf tees we can say goodbye to these terrible golf tees, for good.

So, can we agree that bamboo golf tees are universal in their appeal and function when teeing up your golf ball?

With that, how about adding a personal touch.

At Green Swing love personalised golf tees. They are great for golf days, golf events or as a golf gift idea. We see some great engravings; swing tips, notable events, teams or nicknames - whatever works for you when lining up on the tee box.

personalised golf tees

📷 Mixed Personalised Bamboo Golf Tees

We offer our personalised golf tees in four vibrant colour options. Yellow, green, blue or a mix of all three. Then choose between a box of 30 or 60. These golf tees are designed with a specific print area on one side, with our signature stripes on the other.

We can offer a more tailored service if required, just reach out to the team if you have a specific request.

All our engraving is done at our UK warehouse from stock items. You can expect dispatch of any personalised golf gifts within 48 hours, with free UK delivery as standard.

We offer free delivery on all orders across the UK, with express shipping options available. Please note that we also offer a number of international shipping options. Purchase before 4pm for same day dispatch from our UK warehouse.

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