How are golf tees made?

At Green Swing we have been hard at work transforming golf tees for the past four years with our collections of bamboo golf tees and accessories – with the UK team recently visiting our manufacture base in the far east, we wanted to share some insight into how our golf tees are made.

Green Swing bamboo golf tees

Of course, for us, it all starts with bamboo. As a grass, bamboo grows at an fast rate meaning it takes only a few months to reach maturity, and be ready for harvesting to use in our factory (why do we use bamboo?). This also makes it the perfect replacement for wooden golf tees as wood takes years to grow and just a moment to break.

The process for harvesting is relatively straightforward and with its super growth rate we also don’t need to use any chemicals when growing it. Did you know that bamboo also absorbs a high rate of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere too? Another reason why creating a demand and purposely growing bamboo is a real benefit to the wider environment.

The bamboo we use is sourced locally to the factory, only a few kilometres from door to door and this is where our process begins for shaping and crafting the bamboo golf tees you use today.

raw bamboo is grown locallybamboo golf tees drying

 Large cuts of bamboo are fed into a shredding machine which produces long thin strips ready to be fed into the precision cutting machine. This precision machine will measure the length of the tee and then shave the shape of our desired tee (classic or castle tees) and then cut the length ready to be stored and dried.

We are careful to create as little waste as possible. The off-cuts and bamboo shavings you can see from this process are fed by conveyer belt under the floor to then be used as either fuel or they are scattered in mushroom plantations and used as fertiliser for the growth of mushrooms which are widely eaten in Chinese cuisine.



Now the tees have been dried for a few days they are moved across to our painting and packing facility where each tee is finished as you see it today. For Green Swing tees we print our signature globe in the cup and three stripes around the stem – this process is done manually and then the tees are placed on a belt to dry before being stored again before packing.


freshly painted golf tees

All our golf tees and accessories and packed into fully recyclable Kraft packaging. We use an unbleached brown paper box as this is more widely recycled, with as few colours as possible on the box – just all the information you need! We pack all our tees into this slide box, making them easily accessible and stored in your bag, no golf tees flying around at the bottom of your bag.

Once the packing process is complete, we ship the golf tees to our warehouses in the UK, USA and central Europe. We do not ship using aeroplanes which is both costly and inefficient in terms of emissions – we are careful to plan ahead and be responsible with our Carbon footprint. Once the items are in our warehouse we then ship directly to our customers – no wholesale, no unnecessary journeys – direct to your door in a Green Swing (fully biodegradable) bag or recyclable box.

our signature 70mm golf tees

We pride ourselves on making high quality fit-for-purpose products, so you can be assured of a quality product when you shop with Green Swing. Our box count is based on the amount the average golfer would need for 10 rounds of golf which we feel represents great value. All our products go through a thorough testing process to ensure this and we pay a fair price throughout our supply chain to ensure a sustainable future for all involved.

So there you have it – an insight into how golf tees are made. Specifically, our bamboo golf tees.

You can shop the full range of Green Swing golf tees and golf accessories directly on our website, with free delivery across the UK and free international shipping after a qualifying amount. For all orders placed before 4pm we ship the same working day.


Green Swing gift set


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