How to get better at golf

Our forté is all things golf, which is why we’ve decided to write this blog on how to get better with some of our favourite tips. Before getting into it, there’s some that may seem obvious we would like to point out!

Firstly, practice makes perfect. There’s no one solution that will be able to magically transform your golf swing; you need to work for it. 

Secondly, you have to have relatively good equipment. If you’re hitting the golf ball with a stick, there’s no chance that you’re going to hit the ball properly! Invest in some proper golfing clubs and tees. Now we’ve laid down some basic rules, it’s time to get into it! 

Your positioning

In golf, it’s not just about the golf club and where the cup is, it’s all about your body positioning. Your grip, aim, stance and posture all determine how good your swing will be.

Here are some quick tips for your positioning:

  1. Keep upright and start with your legs straight
  2. Keep comfortably straight with your arms relaxed 
  3. Hold the golf club at hip height
  4. Soften your knees now, bending ever so slightly
  5. Tilt forward using your hips, but keep a straight back 

Hit and aim the ball straight ahead

Rather than trying to hit the ball so it covers more distance, aim to hit the ball in a straight direction. Hitting the ball in the wrong direction is most probably why your score is so high, not because you’re not hitting the ball far enough! Once you have learned to hit the ball in a straight direction, a larger distance covered by the ball will simply be a bi-product of a straight swing. This is one of our favourite tips on how to get better at golf.

Some quick tips to help you improve the straightness of your hits:

  1. Put the golf tee high. You can buy golf tees that are good for the environment at Green Swing too! Placing the golf tee higher will enable you to strike the ball on the upswing.
  2. Stand so that the ball is aligned with your left toe. Swinging from this position will allow a larger swing.
  3. Take a wide stance for distance and a narrow stance for accuracy- This will allow your body to move more thus resulting in more power to the swing. On the other hand, having less motion may mean your swing is more accurate. 

Focus on yourself

As the saying goes ‘the grass is always greener on the other side when you’re not watering your own’. Getting better at golf when you’re not focusing on yourself will prove impossible. Everyone’s body is built differently, so you need to work to your own strengths. If something isn’t working for you, try it another way. Golfing is about trial and error to a certain extent. If you’re watching how Tiger Woods plays all day- that's great! However, it isn’t great to compare yourself to the best players of all time when you’re built differently and you’re a beginner.

You are what you eat

If you notice you are getting tired easily or your body isn’t healing quickly, it’s either because you aren’t used to exercising or you’re eating the wrong foods. Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning combining protein and slow-release carbohydrates before you go to play golf will allow you to slowly release energy. This will mean your body will be able to play better. During the game, remember to drink plenty of water and bring some healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. Surprisingly, what you eat can drastically improve how to get better at golf.

Build your muscle

It’s time to stop focusing on technique and start focusing on the body! If you want to hit the ball with more power- thus making your ball cover more distance, focus on the power of your body! High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to improve your speed and strength. 

Examine your shots

If you are unable to examine your shots well enough as you are focusing on the swing, get your golf buddy to examine them for you and give tips. Every ball flight tells a story about the face angle, club path and attack angle. All of which you can improve on if you are aware of what works. 

Have Fun

If you are enjoying it, you will be more relaxed and tend to play a better game. It’s always you vs the course, if you hit a bad one don’t worry just reset and go again. Find the enjoyment and your game will improve alongside it. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to get better at golf’. If you would like to upgrade your plastic golfing tees to bamboo, taking a stance towards a better environment, take a look at Green Swing today.

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