It's a Social Game

Whether a professional at the top of your game or novice new to the sport, at GreenSwing we believe that golf is a social game.


In truth it is just you and the course, but what about the highs and lows, a friendly bit of competition or a medal on the line?


Golf can be good for your physical health, and notably for your mental health too. Getting out, meeting new people, reacquainting with old faces and celebrating that first eagle – memories are often made on the golf course and booking a Sunday tee time at 10.12am offers an opportunity to be social.


It could be the first opportunity for social interaction in a while. If we cast back only a few months, solitude and lockdown – the social interactions we crave and need, golf can provide the perfect backdrop for that.


A reason to get out, a purpose to travel and a sport to take your mind far away from your present thoughts (if you wish).


Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees



Now we can’t say that this will have a positive effect on your game, but with the right group of individuals you may flourish!


A gimme, a free drop or a stickler for the rules – however you decide to play on a Sunday, always be mindful that it is a social game. Saturday at 8.20am may be a bit different but there is always a social after!


If someone is new to the sport, do try and encourage them. Put golf forward in the best light to support grater participation in our game for years to come – perhaps even share with them a box of tees from our collection and instil the virtues of a changing game and a step toward sustainability.


It’s our game, it’s your round. Enjoy it!


If you’re looking for castle bamboo golf tee’s or classic bamboo golf tees, take a look at our website today. Make the sustainable choice. Take your shot, leave only divots. 

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