Putting together a golf wishlist

What’s on your golf wishlist this Christmas?


At Green Swing we love a Christmas golf gift, but what’s on your golf wishlist?


If you are looking for some inspiration, last year we put together a blog with our top 5 gifts under £40. But this year we are thinking outside of that and what the best things are to put on a wishlist.


After all, isn’t it best to have a list rather than end up with a novelty item you aren’t too keen on…


“Well you did say you liked golf that one time seven years ago!”


Stopping short of just recommending our range of bamboo golf tees (which we do think are an awesome Christmas gift…), we wanted to write a blog to help with those questions and perhaps help those who are putting together a wishlist, or for someone looking for some inspiration for their favourite golfer! Perhaps send the link for this blog to your friends and family, just to nudge them in the right direction…– some inspiration for things you would like to acquire as you bid to update your golf bag or wardrobe.

Get something that will become a staple of your golf bag, not another dust gatherer or an extra item to needlessly carry around. How about your playing partners? Maybe they have something that you’ve had your eye on for a while… the perfect addition to your bag that you just haven’t got round to adding to your setup yet.


New grips are one of our favourites to add to a golf wishlist. A good clean and some new grips can give a new lease of life for those irons that have served you so well over the years. Winter gloves, headcovers, golf towels and a spare glove for the bag are always winners in our eyes! All a perfect size for stocking fillers, or perhaps a Secret Santa gift? (Have you checked out our  and  ?). Clothes, shoes and clubs can be great additions to a list, but again try and be very specific for the details (size, colour, fit). Balls can be a bit hit and miss, so if you are reading this looking for some inspiration – go for a box of Titleist Pro V1 balls and you can’t go too wrong.


We think it’s also great to add the ‘love to haves’ on here too, items that maybe you would love but haven’t bought yet because you’re furiously saving for that new driver you’ve been eyeing up for the past six months. Guaranteed to improve your swing…

And don’t be afraid to have some bigger items on your wish list - but beware, with a big budget comes big responsibility! The bigger purchases in golf tend to be quite personal and tailored to that individual’s preference or style of playing the game. So, if you do have your eye on a new golf bag or a trolley, try and be specific if you can!



Things to avoid? Everyone has their own personal preference, but we aren’t fans of the novelty. If you are thinking of nude golf tees or exploding golf balls – stop. No one really wants these, do they? It creates additional plastic waste which just ends up with money wasted and more rubbish heading to landfill.

At Green Swing we are  huge fans of upcycling and gifting your old equipment to someone at the start of their golf journey. It can be expensive to get everything together and so we would certainly encourage selling or gifting your old bag/clubs etc and we can guarantee they will find a new lease of life and be much appreciated once their time with you comes to an end. If you’re looking for a gift for a new golfer, second hand items can be fantastic gifts, especially if they are keen to try out lots of different styles before committing to a permanent purchase – think a full set of clubs or a pre-loved golf bag to help fuel their love for the game.

 Green Swing Golf Gift Set


We would love to know what is on your list, besides some Green Swing bamboo golf tees of course!

Explore our full range of bamboo golf tees, with both castle golf tees and classic golf tees, we have your game covered.



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