Small & Mighty Golf Tees!

At Green Swing we have a broad range of golf tees for sale. We have worked to create a range that best covers all playing styles, allowing ALL golfers the chance to switch from plastic tees - no matter how you play the game. We understand that golf is about consistency and we want to make your switch to bamboo tees as seamless as possible.

This blog is all about our smallest bamboo golf tees, the 25mm green castle tees and the 38mm classic golf tees.

Available in our natural bamboo finish, full colour edit and also features in our limited edition collection (while stocks last).


What are the smalller golf tees for?

If you picture a golf tee, you are likely thinking of a 70mm classic tee or a 60mm pink tee (for castle tee loving customers). But what about the smallest golf tees - when and why would you use those?

Simply put, they are perfect for the shorter holes. When teeing up only a few millimetres off the ground, allowing a smooth connection with your iron, wedge or hybrid club.

Many golfers also use a broken tee here, which we applaud as a sustainable practice. Our goal is to provide you with the best tees for the job on your way round the course as you look for consistency in your game.


38mm Classic Bamboo Golf Tees

The 38mm classic bamboo golf tees offer a shorter height, making them ideal for use with irons or for players who prefer a lower tee height. Despite their compact size, these tees are crafted from high-quality bamboo, ensuring durability and reliability with each use. Their classic design and natural finish make them a timeless choice for golfers looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional wooden or plastic tees.

📸 38mm Classic Bamboo Golf Tees (shop here)


25mm Castle Bamboo Golf Tees

On the other hand, the 25mm castle golf tees are specifically designed to accommodate players who prefer a lower tee height for their tee shots. These tees feature a unique castle design, with a wider base for added stability and a narrower top to support the golf ball securely. Standing at 25mm in length, with 5mm above the ground.


castle golf tees green

📸 25mm Castle Golf Tees (shop here)


Pure Dynami-TEE!

Looking for something different? The 38mm classic and 25mm castle dynamite limited edition bamboo golf tees are available in a limited quantity, while stocks last.

The dynamite edition adds a touch of excitement and flair to the traditional tee design, making them a standout choice for golfers who appreciate innovation and style on the course.

bright red and yellow golf teescastle golf tees
📸 Dynamite Limited Editions (shop here)


Available only in our online store, these bamboo tees are designed to provide golfers with exceptional performance while also promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness. Get them before they are gone - explosive off the tee, they also make a great golf gift!

By choosing bamboo as the primary material for these small golf tees, Green Swing not only reduces the environmental impact of golfing but also offers golfers a sustainable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality or performance.

Whether you re a classic or castle player, we would say that the 38mm classic or 25mm castle tees are a must have in your bag, to us they are our favourite golf tees! With their durability, stability, and eco-friendly credentials, these tees are a testament to Green Swing's dedication to promoting sustainable golf practices while delivering exceptional products to golfers worldwide.

Swing into spring and get ready for golf with Green Swing. Whatever your goals this year, embrace a season filled with unforgettable memories on the fairways of the UK.

Looking to buy golf tees? We offer free delivery on all UK orders with same day dispatch before 4pm. Our Limited Edition collections are subject to availability, but do keep your eye out for new colours throughout the season!

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