Supporting Sustainable Golf with Bamboo Golf Tees

In the ever-evolving landscape of golf, sustainability has emerged as a key focus for players, courses, and brands alike – especially here at Green Swing Golf.

As golfers, we have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and preserve the natural beauty of the courses we love. At Green Swing, we are proud to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future with our wide range of bamboo golf tees and golf accessories.

Join us as we explore the benefits of bamboo tees and how they're supporting sustainable golf practices across the UK.


The Rise of Sustainable Golf Tees

Traditional wooden and plastic golf tees have long been the norm on courses around the world. However, their environmental drawbacks have prompted a shift towards more eco-friendly alternatives. Bamboo, with its rapid growth rate and minimal environmental footprint, has emerged as a leading contender in the quest for sustainable golf tees. At Green Swing, we've embraced bamboo as the cornerstone of our tee offerings, providing golfers with a greener alternative that doesn't compromise on performance.

Choose from our wide selection of golf tees - whether you use classic tees or castle tees, we have your game covered. Keep your eyes peeled on Limited Edition collection too, with plenty of colourful golf tee combinations added throughout the year.

castle golf tees

📷 60mm Cosmic Purple Limited Edition Castle Tees


Why Bamboo Golf Tees Are the Best

Bamboo golf tees offer a host of advantages over their 'traditional; counterparts. Not only are they biodegradable and compostable, but they're also incredibly durable and resilient.

Unlike wooden golf tees that can splinter and break easily, bamboo tees boast exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring they withstand the rigors of repeated use. As a grass, we find they have the perfect amount of flex that a wooden tee doesn't offer!

Additionally, bamboo's natural properties make it resistant to water absorption and deformation, resulting in consistent tee heights and optimal ball launch angles.

bamboo golf tees are better than plastic

📷 A comparison showing a plastic pink castle tee and our bamboo alternatives

Not forgetting the rapid growth rate of bamboo. In fact the bamboo we use is grown less than a mile from our factory and regenerates throughout the year without the need to keep planting trees! The shavings from the tee cuttings are then used as biofuel to heat homes and also as fertiliser at a local mushroom plantation!


Castle Golf Tees Made from Bamboo

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond traditional tees to include step tees, commonly known as castle golf tees. Made from the same premium Moso bamboo, our castle tees offer golfers a unique and eco-friendly option for teeing up their shots, while achieving the same tee height on every occasion. Consistency is of course the key to golf! Our castle tees come in seven different sizes, all coded by colour as follows:

Green 25mm | Red 32mm | Blue 38mm | Yellow 45mm | White 50mm | Pink 60mm | Orange 70mm

We offer the castle tees individually and as part of mixed boxes. We have both natural and full colour editions, plus the occasional limited edition to keep an eye out for.

castle bamboo golf tees

📷 Our mixed box of castle tees with all seven sizes

With their distinct shape and sturdy construction, these tees provide enhanced stability and performance on the course, making them a favourite among players seeking sustainable solutions without sacrificing quality.

Our largest castle tee box has all seven sizes and is perfect if you want to try all the different sizes, or perhaps as a great golf gift. Unsure? Check out our blog Which Golf Tees Should I Use?


Great Golf Gifts for Eco-Conscious Players

Looking for the perfect gift for the eco-conscious golfer in your life? Or just the perfect golf gift?!

Look no further than Green Swing's bamboo golf tees. Whether it's a box of classic tees or our colourful castle tees, our sustainable offerings are sure to impress. Treat your friends, family, or fellow golfers to the gift of sustainability and style with Green Swing's range of bamboo tees. With their sleek design, superior performance, and eco-friendly credentials, they're the ideal choice for any golfer committed to supporting sustainable practices on and off the course.

the perfect golf gift

📷 Take a look at our range of awesome golf gifts, perfect for any occasion!

We also have a range of gift sets that we stock throughout the year, perfect as a Christmas golf gift, birthday gift for a golfer or perhaps a fathers day golf gift.


Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Golf

As golfers, we have a responsibility to protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty of the courses we enjoy. By choosing bamboo golf tees from Green Swing, you're not only improving your game but also supporting sustainable golf practices for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that golf remains a game of integrity, respect, and environmental stewardship.


As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, Green Swing is proud to lead the way.. Our tees are the perfect choice for golfers who are committed to supporting sustainable practices on and off the course. Join us in championing the cause of sustainable golf and enjoy free delivery across the UK, with shipping to Europe and the Rest of the World free after a qualifying amount. See our shipping policy for more details.

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