The Ultimate Golf Glossary

Golfing terms can be hard to understand if you’re a newbie, especially as there are so many different names! Luckily for you, because some of the names are so funny, they’re relatively easy to remember. You do also wonder who came up with certain golf glossary terms as many aren’t very formal...who came up with the golfing term ‘fried egg’!? 

In this blog, we will discuss all the different golfing terms by presenting the ultimate golf glossary so that next time you play, you can not only understand golf but feel like a pro too.

The golf glossary:

  1. Handicap- This is a numerical measure of a golfer's potential that is used so that players of similar abilities can play against each other.
  1. Short sided- This term refers to the position of the flagstick on the putting green and where the golfer is positioned in comparison to it. The short side of the green is the side of the green where the hole is positioned not in or near the centre, but near the edge. If the hole is towards the right edge, the right side to the hole is the short side. Similarly, if the hole is towards the left edge, the left side of the hole is the short side. Short siding yourself is when you put the ball into the rough on the short side of the hole. 
  1. Fried egg- Sometimes if your ball lands into the bunker (the sand) it can slightly bury and look like a fried egg! 
  1. Shank- A shank is the term used when the ball nearly misses the clubface of the ball, hitting the hosel of the club. This usually sends the ball to the right. 
  1. Block- A block is where the player hits the ball to the right (assuming they’re right-handed). Vice versa if you’re left-handed. 
  1. Pull- This is where the player hits the shot directly to the left. 
  1. Albatros/double eagle- This term means three under par and is the repetition of good scores.
  1. Press- If you were to say ‘press’ in a betting game with your golfing partners, you would mean to make another bet. 
  1. Chunk - If a golfer has ‘chunked it’ they would have gone to hit the ball and hit the grass instead, digging up a slight hole in the grass. To help avoid this, you can use bamboo golf tee’s that elevate the ball from the grass. 
  1. Greenie- A greeny is a side bet most commonly played on a par 3 and the person who lands the ball closest to the pin wins the greenie. 
  1. Green in regulation- A green is considered a hit ‘in regulation’ if any part of the ball is touching the surface while the number of strokes taken is at least 2 fewer than the par. 
  1. Texas wedge- If you are using a putter when you are off the green, it is a texas wedge. 
  1. Sandbagging- When a golfer claims to have a handicap that is higher than their playing ability. When golfers compete against each other based on their handicap, the person with the higher handicap will get extra strokes as they are the more disadvantaged player. Therefore, it makes an unfair game if you lie about having a higher handicap than you actually do! 
  1. Lip out- When your put rolls around the edge of the cup, causing it to change directions. 
  1. Slice- This is where the player puts an excessive curve on the ball. 
  1. Birdie- When you score 1 stroke under the par. For example, scoring a 2 on a Par 3 would be considered a birdie. 
  1. Par- When your overall score equals the listed par. 
  1. Bogey- Scoring one stroke above par.
  1. Double bogey- Scoring 2 strokes above par. 
  1. Playing the tips- When a golfer decides to play the farthest tees available.
  1. Flyer- When your ball is in the rough and is propped up by grass, your ball might cover more distance than usual.
  1. Fade- The type of ball flight that shapes left to right (assuming you’re right-handed). This is the same as a slice, except a fade is much more controlled. 
  1. Double-cross- When a player intends to hit a fade or draw but does the opposite.
  1. Gimme- When your put is that close to the hole that it is considered to be achieved. 
  1. Mulligan- An unofficial second try. 
  1. Snowman- A snowman is when you score 8 on a hole. 
  1. Worm burner- When you strike a shot that rolls on the ground instead of leaving it. 
  1. Ace- Another word for a hole in one. 
  1. Fore- The word you shout if the ball is headed toward another player to warn them that they may get hit!
  1. Dogleg- This refers to a hole with a straight and then curves to the right or the left. 
  1. Duck Hook- When you hit a low hook shot that doesn’t cover much distance. 
  1. Range finder- A golfing device that measures the distance to the hole using lasers. 
  1. Flop shot- A wedge shot played around the green where you open the face of the club, aiming to hit the ball so it goes high in the air. 

The golf glossary is forever changing, so if you have heard of any other terms, please let us know in the comments! 

We hope you enjoyed our ‘ultimate golf glossary’. If you are interested in taking a positive step towards the environment, take a look at our bamboo golf tees here at Greenswing!

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