What do the different colour golf tees represent?

Another post about golf tees? Kind of. Today we are looking at the tee boxes (yes, the ones often littered with plastic golf tees) to breakdown what the different starting points represent and when they are used.

So this is still a post about golf tees, but not our golf tees – okay obviously we will mention our bamboo golf tees at some point!

From the tee box, here's a general breakdown of what the different colours typically represent:


Red Tees: The red tees are often referred to as the forward tees or ladies' tees. They are typically positioned closer to the green and provide a shorter overall distance to the hole. Red tees are commonly used by women, junior players, or golfers with less distance off the tee.


Gold/Yellow Tees: Gold or yellow tees are sometimes known as the senior tees or forward tees for men. They are typically placed slightly ahead of the white tees, providing a shorter distance compared to the standard men's tees. These tees are often used by senior golfers or players who prefer a shorter course.


White Tees: The white tees are considered the standard men's tees. They are positioned at a moderate distance from the green, providing an average challenge for male golfers. Most recreational male players use the white tees unless they have a specific reason to use a different tee box.


Blue Tees: Blue tees are commonly known as the championship tees or back tees. They are placed farther from the green, providing a longer and more challenging distance to the hole. Blue tees are typically used in professional tournaments or by highly skilled and experienced golfers.


Black Tees: Black tees are occasionally found on courses, especially those designed for championship-level play. These tees are typically positioned even farther back from the green than the blue tees, offering an extremely challenging distance. Black tees are reserved for elite players or specific tournament play.


It's important to note that the specific colour and positioning of tees may vary from course to course. Some courses may have additional tee colours or different names for the tee boxes. Always check with the golf course you are playing at to understand their specific tee colour system and the corresponding distances. Most importantly decide between your fourball or competition which tees you are playing from!


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