What Golf Tees Should I Use?

What Golf Tees Should I Use? - Castle Tees vs Classic Tees

We love to bang on about golf tees, don’t we? This post is designed to help in making your choice, maybe you are new to golf and unsure what the fuss is about, so we thought this might be useful.

If we were to throw out the question of what tees should I use? We often have a split opinion on the use of classic golf tees and castle golf tees. Seasoned golfers may have a trusted or lucky tee, but 99% of the time it will fall into one of the below categories. 

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What golf tees should I use? Castle tees

castle golf tees


Classic golf tees are pure at heart, simple in structure and classic by style. Tried and tested and loved by many and used by professional golfers across the globe. 

So why entertain castle golf tees? Simple, a castle golf tee will give you a consistent height on every shot. Perfect for the driver, woods and irons to get the same elevation on the ball time after time. 

All our castle tees come with a 20mm (2cm) stem which also helps with the unnecessary breaking of tees. With a classic golf tee you can find putting them deeper in the ground may shorten their life and increase the likelihood of a break. 

Which golf tees should I use? Classic tees


classic golf tees made from bamboo


This is why we offer classic golf tees from 38mm through to 83mm. Or for our friends in the USA or using the imperial measuring system, 1½ through to 3¼ inch golf tees. If you choose the path of one size fits all you may see an increase in breaking. Investing in a couple of sizes will save you in the longer term. 

But does size really matter? 100%. So when choosing from our castle bamboo tees be sure to take in all the sizes. You may be familiar with the plastic counterparts, but perhaps never considered the height. For the record all sizes below include the 20mm step. 

Orange castle tees – 70mm

Pink castle tees – 60mm 

White castle tees – 50mm 

Yellow castle tees – 45mm

Blue castle tees – 38mm

Red castle tees – 32mm

Green castle tees – 25mm

The good news is that we supply all seven sizes, with five of the castle tee sizes also packed within our mixed box of bamboo golf tees. 

Is it a purist vs a newcomer? We don’t think so, we have learnt that simply people play the game differently and have a preference of style to suit their shot. For example, we find our 54mm classic tees are sold together with the 60mm castle tees – a hybrid of styles, one for the driver and one for the five iron. 

Golf is played differently by everyone, so don’t be swayed by what your fourball use – maybe try sizing up or down dependent on your golf swing – it could make all the difference. Just make sure you are moving to a sustainable and biodegradable bamboo golf tee. 

Check out the full range here and make the switch today. Castle tees or classic? Either way, we have your game covered. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘What golf tees should I use? Castle tees vs classic tees’. If you’re looking to buy environmentally friendly bamboo golf tees, why not take a look at Green Swing today?

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