What to take on a golf holiday?

What to take on a golf holiday?


The summer is in full swing, many of you may be planning or soon to depart on holiday with one eye on a course – at Green Swing we are asking the question, what do you take on a golf holiday?


Sun cream. For sure, but what about your golf clubs?


If you can, take them. For an extra cost, most airlines will allow you to store your golf clubs in the hold luggage. We would just recommend that you pickup a travel case – these can cost between £30 and £100 depending on the case and will serve you well for future years so certainly worth investing in if you want to take your clubs on an adventure with you.


Some clubs will allow you to rent when you are there (Spain and Portugal spring to mind) but there is no guarantee they will match your current set and the quirks that go with them. No one hits that hybrid better than you to save par on the 2nd.


Anther benefit of taking your clubs is that all your usual on-course accessories will be in the bag, not least your Green Swing bamboo golf tees (obviously). Don’t get caught short without your trusted castle golf tees or classic golf tees – of course always made from bamboo.


When hiring the costs can quickly rack up when you need balls, golf tees and any other on-course accessories.


Renting isn’t always the worst option though. It can allow you to be free from hassle at the airport and if your holiday doesn’t revolve around golf, it can be a good way to still get in a round without having to plan too far ahead.


Most courses in Europe will set you up with a buggy if you are playing during the peak season, this will allow you to find some respite from the sun while you are playing, and also make it far easier to take on fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Just be sure to take a refillable water bottle!


How about the dress code? It can vary by course and by location so as a rule of tumb we would recommend that you avoid the usual no-no’s of jeans, t shirts, flip flops, football shirts – but we would also say that courses don’t tend to be too strict if you have shorts, a polo and trainers – no need for spiked shoes in the hot weather!


Our advice is to also make sure you have a hat on hand to offer a little shade and a lightweight top will also help you keep cool on the course. If you are packing ‘just in case’ you can play, just make sure you pack a polo shirt and you may find that, coupled with your luggage, you are covered should the opportunity arise.


What do you take on your golf holiday? We would love to hear your ‘must haves’ and any experiences you can share to help others who may be going on their first Golf holiday.  



Thank you for reading our blog ‘What to take on a golf holiday?’. Be sure to pack your environmentally friendly bamboo golf tees, why not take a look at Green Swing today?

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