What equipment do you need for golf?

What equipment do you need for golf?

While we appreciate that everyone is different, what equipment do you need for golf? (and what do we have anyway!)

Everyone plays the game differently, some play with a multitude of wedges, some have a trusted wedge that will carry your game to the green from 10 to 110 yards out. But what do we think every bag should at least start with?

What equipment do you need for golf always includes a good supply of tees. Why not go eco friendly and try out our bamboo castle golf tees? 

What equipment do you need for golf as a beginner? 

The big stick. When you start out it can be a bit nervy off the tee box with a driver – with loft degrees, flex and shaft length we would always recommend a fitting. A staple in the bag and a sure way to have a great round or need a refill of balls before your next round. To accompany your driver, you might also have a wood in the bag, while not essential, it can be handy for adjusting your distances or keeping your ball away from the elements. 3,4 or 5 woods are most popular in this instance, but certainly not all three. 

How about a hybrid? A hybrid club can also be referred to as a rescue club. This is great to gain some distance from a faltering start or cover some ground on a long fairway to give you the best chance of hitting the greens early on. 

A set of irons is essential (obviously) and they can start low through to a sand wedge – personally, we opt to start with a four iron (similar to a hybrid) but mainly to cover a different lie as a hybrid can be tricky to play if you have gone slightly off course. We also find a four iron great for hitting a lower shot. Look after your irons, keep them clean and when they need re-gripping be sure to do so (it’s very easy) but under no circumstances are you to use iron headcovers. You have been warned! 

Wedges can be tricky, an SW and a PW are essential but you may want to mix in a lob wedge or gap wedge to suit – you have plenty of options, our advice is to master what you have and then fill any gaps in your game where you feel the need for something different. 

Finish your club set with a putter. Remember you will take the most shots with this club so pick something you feel comfortable with. 

We mentioned previously that a fitting is recommended, don’t be put off by this – a good fitting can take years off your game if you are just starting out. Remember everyone holds a golf club differently and you need the correct tool for the job. 

Don’t forget to fill your bag with a decent supply of golf tees and we look no further than our range of bamboo golf tees. With our range of classic and castle bamboo golf tees, we have your game covered from par 3 to the longer par 5’s. Be sure to check the range out in full and let us know if there is anything you want to see added to the range. 

What golfing accessories do I need? 

Now that you have got a plan in place for what equipment do you need for golf, let’s start thinking about golfing accessories. Some accessories include – rangefinders, GPS watches, towels, and ball markers to name a handful – maybe we will write another article on accessories alone. For now be sure to pick up some headcovers for your putter, driver and wood options. 

It may seem pretty straightforward but buying clubs is never easy, we hope by sharing we can offer some advice to those starting the game and if you are an experienced golfer please do share any tips, we would love to hear from you! 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘What equipment do you need for golf?’. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly ways to play golf, take a look at our bamboo tees today.

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