Why Bamboo Golf Tees are the Future

For years, debate for the best golf tees has seen a battle between classic wooden golf tees and plastic ones. If you ask someone about their favourite golf tee, you will probably get a different answer based on what they find most important.

Fans of plastic golf tees often cite their dismay that wooden tees can break more easily. In contrast, those who support wooden golf tees will lament how expensive plastic tees are as well as their environmental impact. If only there was a singular golf tee that could satisfy the needs of everyone.

Well, the alternative with rapidly growing popularity is a golf tee made from bamboo. These bamboo golf tees are the future of the sport as they combine the various features of why people love other tee types without any of the negative. More durable than wood, affordable, and sustainable, bamboo golf tees are becoming a common sight on golf courses far and wide.

Are Bamboo Golf Tees Environmentally Friendly?

If you are concerned about the number of products that you use that go towards waste, you are not alone. Many people across the UK are making an extra effort at working to reduce their environmental impact.

For golfers who spend so much time enjoying the great outdoors, sustainability is often an important issue. Fortunately, you will find that bamboo golf tees are very environmentally friendly. They are made from a fast-growing renewable resource. This allows for sustainable production without harming the environment.

Additionally, bamboo tees are able to be recycled and are biodegradable, which means they pose no problems for the environment even if they end up in the waste. In fact, the reason that we started Green Swing was due to a desire to positively impact golf while also promoting overall sustainability on the golf course.

How to Play Sustainable Golf

Using bamboo tees is a great way to begin playing more sustainable golf. Simply getting rid of plastic tees can go a long way towards reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by golf. Given that plastics take an incredibly long time to break down, this is an important way to be more sustainable.

However, your ability to bring sustainability to the golf course is not limited to the types of golf tees you purchase. There are many other things you can do that can make an impact. Below are some tips that can help you be more sustainable on your golf outings:

  • Pack reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic ones, especially if your golf course has places to fill up along the way.
  • Leave the golf cart at the clubhouse and take a walk. While not everyone may be able to do this, those who are able to walk 18 holes will make a difference.
  • Work to preserve the nature surrounding the golf course. This means not straying into the woods or brush to look for an out of bounds ball as this can trample and damage native flora.
  • Encourage others to adopt similar practices. Starting small in your own community is a great way to generate positive impact.

What Golf Tees do Pros Use?

Many people want to use the same equipment as the pros when it comes to their golf game. This isn’t surprising. After all, if something is good enough for a professional, it should definitely be good enough for a weekend golfer.

This leads to many people asking what golf tees are most frequently used by the pros. The answer may surprise you. The vast majority of pro golfers tend to use the free tees that are given out at tournaments. It makes sense when you think about it. Pros tend to have near-perfect swings every time. Thus, a tee is simply a way to place the ball at the desired height. There isn’t much else to worry about.

Most golfers will use a classic golf tee and adjust its height based on the situation. However, some golfers like Tiger Woods use both a long tee and a short tee during a round. Since most of the tees handed out at tournaments are wooden or made from bamboo, this means most pro golfers use wood or bamboo golf tees instead of plastic ones.

How Many Golf Tees Do You Use in a Round?

If you’re ready to get some bamboo golf tees for your next round, you may be wondering how many golf tees you’ll need to use. This largely depends on the accuracy of your swing. Bamboo golf tees can be reused as long as they are able to hold up a ball. The main issue with breakage involves swinging your club with a poor angle of attack, which can exert more force on the tee than an optimal swing.

There have actually been studies done to estimate the number of golf tees used per round. It appears that the average golfer will go through just under seven wooden tees in a typical round. Of course, bamboo golf tees are quite a bit stronger than normal wood tees. Thus, you could expect the average golfer to use fewer bamboo tees.

For us, the best golf tees are bamboo tees because they are the future of golf!

Whether you need a few classic golf tees, a mixed set of castle tees, or great golf gifts, Green Swing is happy to help you. We appreciate your efforts to add sustainability to the sport and are pleased to produce quality, affordable products. 

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