Why do golfers wear a glove?

Golf gloves? Ok go on then… we are here to give you the lowdown on golf gloves, why they are used and when they are worn. From our perspective, a golf glove is an essential part of the game and the perfect glove paired with the perfect golf tees is the kind of thing we absolutely love here at Green Swing.

Golfers wear gloves primarily to improve their grip on the golf club and enhance control over their shots. Here are a few reasons why gloves are commonly used in golf:


Enhanced Grip: The primary purpose of wearing a golf glove is to provide a better grip on the club. The glove's material, typically made of leather or synthetic materials, helps prevent the club from slipping or twisting in the golfer's hand during the swing. This improved grip allows for more consistent and accurate shots.


Reduced Friction and Blister Prevention: The repetitive motion of swinging a golf club can create friction between the grip and the golfer's hand, which may lead to blisters or discomfort. A golf glove acts as a barrier, reducing friction and minimizing the likelihood of developing blisters.


Improved Stability: Golf gloves enhance stability by reducing the chance of the club twisting or rotating in the golfer's hand at impact. This stability is particularly important when dealing with adverse weather conditions, such as rain or high humidity, which can make the club handle slippery.


Consistency: Wearing a golf glove helps promote a consistent grip and hand positioning throughout the swing. By consistently placing the glove in the same position on the grip, golfers can establish muscle memory and develop a repeatable swing, leading to more consistent ball-striking.


Protection: In addition to the benefits of grip and control, gloves also offer some protection to the golfer's hand. They can shield against minor abrasions, splinters, or the occasional impact with the ground during shots like bunker shots or when playing from rough terrain.


It's worth noting that not all golfers wear gloves, as personal preference and playing style vary. Some golfers may opt to play without gloves if they feel they have a secure grip and adequate control without one. Ultimately, the decision to wear a golf glove depends on individual comfort, grip preference, and playing conditions.


Golfers typically wear a glove on their non-dominant hand, which means that right-handed golfers wear a glove on their left hand, while left-handed golfers wear a glove on their right hand. The hand that wears the glove is referred to as the "lead hand" or "top hand" in the golf swing.


The reason for wearing the glove on the lead hand is to enhance the grip and control over the club. The lead hand is responsible for maintaining a secure connection with the club's grip during the swing. By wearing a glove on this hand, golfers can improve their grip, reduce slipping or twisting of the club, and increase stability and control throughout the swing.


The trailing hand, which does not wear a glove, is often referred to as the "trailing hand" or "bottom hand." This hand primarily provides support and control, but since it doesn't have direct contact with the club grip, it is not as prone to slipping or requiring the extra grip provided by a glove.


However, it's important to note that wearing a glove on both hands is also a personal preference for some golfers, especially in certain weather conditions or when seeking extra grip. Ultimately, the decision of whether to wear one or two gloves is up to the individual golfer and their comfort level.


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