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Great Golf Gifts For Everyone!

Looking for a golf gift but not sure what to get? We are here to help you with some handy pointers and our top gift picks from the Green Swing Golf range. 

We place immense value on the presentation of every single one of our products, right down to the minutest detail.

You can be confident that any product we suggest here will be beautifully packaged, making it an ideal gift for a golf enthusiast.  

If they love golf, they will love Green Swing. 

From our collection of bamboo golf tees, golf gift sets, on-course accessories and our gift cards - we have your golf gifting game covered. Say goodbye to plastic golf and hello to eco friendly printed golf tees.

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Great Golf Gifts

Looking for the perfect golf gift? Look no more, we are here to help you with our curated collection of golf gifts from our wide range of bamboo golf tees and accessories. In the past year we have introduced high quality golf gloves, accessory bags, hats and personalised gifts for the special golfer in your life. We're passionate about golf and dedicated to making the sport more accessible and enjoyable. With our wide assortment of bamboo tees, we're confident we can help you make the switch from plastic a more sustainable option. We also offer same-day dispatch on all orders made before 4 p.m. and free shipping across the UK.

Why Bamboo Golf Tees?

Are you debating about making the switch from plastic to bamboo golf tees? Then let Green Swing help you out! The truth of the matter is Plastic Sucks. Say goodbye to single use plastic and opt for a more sustainable choice on the golf course. With our wide range, say goodbye to plastic and hello to your new bamboo golf tees, a small change can make a big difference.

Bamboo golf tees are a sustainable and sturdy alternative to their plastic counterparts. Harvested responsibly, bamboo grows rapidly and requires minimal resources, making it a marvel of the natural world and its flex also makes it an ideal material for golf tees. Not only do we design our bamboo tees to last, enduring each powerful swing, but once they do break they will begin to biodegrade. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colours, from classic to castle tees, we have bamboo golf tees for everyone – even those looking for the perfect golf gift!

All our golf accessories and golf tees are packed in boxes made out of unbleached kraft paper, which is handy and also 100% recyclable! This also turns them into great golf gifts for anyone who may be looking to make some positive changes to their game. Looking for a specific size of golf tee? Check out our show me everything range of bamboo golf tees here

Make the switch to Green Swing today and experience the difference for yourself.