Are Bamboo Golf Tees Stronger?

If you’re a golfer with an eye for the environment, you probably have found that while plastic tees are durable, they are bad for the environment. Lots of harmful materials are used when they are made. However, traditional wooden tees tend to break much more often. If you’ve been frustrated by how fast traditional wooden tees break, you may have wondered are bamboo golf tees stronger? The answer may surprise you.

When comparing bamboo tees to traditional wood tees, you will find that bamboo tees are much stronger! In fact, bamboo is roughly three times as strong as wood. Most people think that bamboo is a type of wood. After all, it is used in many products typically made from wood.

However, the reality is that bamboo is actually a type of grass. Despite being a grass, it actually has a greater strength to weight ratio than concrete. What makes bamboo golf tees strong is the design of the natural fibres within bamboo. This means bamboo golf tees – and many other products made from the grass – are extremely durable compared to other types of wood.

Are Wooden Tees Better Than Plastic?

Many golfers often ask if wooden tees are better than plastic ones. Of course, the answer to this really depends on what criteria you use to determine which is “better.” If your deciding factor is cost, plastic golf tees are very cheap. But they are horrible for the environment while wood serves as an eco-friendly option.

If you rank tees based on environmental friendliness, wooden tees are certainly better than plastic ones. They are not made from any harmful substances and are biodegradable tees. However, wooden golf tees still contribute towards issues like deforestation.

This is why we pride ourselves in manufacturing only bamboo golf tees. As a fast-growing grass, bamboo is an easily replenishable resource. In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the entire planet. Plus, as we’ve noted, bamboo golf tees are much stronger than traditional wooden ones. As both a biodegradable golf tee and one with high durability, we believe these tees provide golfers with the best option on the market.

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

When thinking about the best golf accessories to use, many golfers want to know what the pros do. After all, if something is good enough for a pro, it is surely good enough for a weekend golfer. When asking what golf tees pros use, you may actually be quite surprised at the answer.

The reality is that most pros use the free golf tees that are provided at tournaments. These are wooden tees that are branded with the tournament name and sponsor. Pros have a good angle of attack, so they typically only break tees when using irons or wedges. Thus, durability isn’t really an issue for the pros.

However, one thing that you will almost never see on a course during a pro tournament is a plastic tee. While it does happen occasionally, it is rare. This is both due to the fact that durability doesn’t matter much for pros and the care that tournaments have for the environment.

However, for golfers like you and I, durability is important. Since bamboo golf tees are stronger than regular wooden tees, they make a great option for the amateur golfer.

What Length of Golf Tee is Best?

Many customers who wonder what golf tees pros use also tend to have questions about what length of tee is best. The “standard” size is 54 mm. This is the size tee that the majority of pro golfers use. However, while this is a more common length, it is perhaps difficult to say it is the best.

The reality is that the height of a golf tee is going to vary based on personal taste. Many people prefer to use taller tees when using their drivers and shorter ones for teeing up irons. If you aren’t sure about which length of golf tee is best, consider purchasing a set of mixed golf tees and trying several out.

Many people prefer castle golf tees. While these are illegal in professional tournaments, they are great for the weekend player. They help ensure that you get the intended height every time, which can help improve your consistency. For castle tees, the 60 mm pink golf tees are the “standard” option. Again, this is up to personal preference.

Bamboo Golf Tees are Stronger and Better for the Environment

Regardless of whether you prefer castle tees or traditional ones or your ideal length, bamboo golf tees are the ideal choice for a durable golf accessory that will help the environment. These biodegradable golf tees are sustainable, strong, and come in a variety of options. Find the one you love today!

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