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Explore our colourful range of bamboo castle golf tees, available in different sizes to suit all playing styles. These biodegradable bamboo castle tees are the perfect replacement for your plastic tees, designed for all golfers who are environmentally conscious and for those who want to reduce their plastic waste. Take your shot, leave only divots! Read More

Our tees are made and packaged with the environment in mind, sent out in 100% recyclable unbleached kraft boxes that can be disposed of with no negative impact. So you can work on your golf game knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet too. Not only this, but they are high quality, made to last, and are easily biodegradable when it’s time for a replacement. Bamboo is a naturally strong and flexible material creating a tee that is less prone to snapping than hardwood. It also grows at an alarming rate, taking only a few months to fully develop compared to over 30 years for trees. Unlike plastic, bamboo doesn’t have to go through rigorous processing before it can become usable. The tees are built from their natural form. We must do as much as we can to save our planet, and reduce the amount of plastic littering the earth. Start small today by switching your old golf tees to our new eco-friendly castle golf tees. These tees are also one of the great options to send a gift to your golfer friend.

It’s our aim to promote change and support the removal of plastics from our golf courses, and many golf clubs have already banned golfers from using plastic tees. They can cause detrimental harm to wildlife when left scattered around golf courses, as it can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years for them to decompose. We want these wide-open green spaces to remain just that, and we encourage others to feel the same. You can join us in this aim with the purchase of our strong and sustainable tees below. Every golf tee we sell means we are one step closer to a plastic-free world. Available in a range of sizes, you can find bamboo castle tees for all playing styles and shot types. Find your ideal bamboo castle golf tee within our range, or why not try our mixed boxes for a bit of everything? If you prefer a classic tee, you can find them here on our website.

Shop for castle golf tees now and do your bit for the environment whilst playing the sport you love!
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Do bamboo castle golf tees affect performance?

When it comes to castle golf tees, you can rest assured that when you make the switch from plastic, you won't be compromising on quality. When you play and swing your wood or iron shots, you won’t notice a change in your performance, but you will in your mindset, knowing that you’re doing the best thing for the environment by reducing your plastic use. These tees are a great way to ensure consistency in your set-up. This means that every time you tee up for a shot, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the height is perfect.

Why should I switch to bamboo castle golf tees?

Are you wondering about making the switch? Green Swing can help! The truth of the matter is Plastic Sucks. We are true golfers through and through and understand the need for sustainability within the sport as well as sustainability within the environment. So why should you switch?

  • Bamboo grows at an accelerated rate, meaning we have plenty of the natural plant
  • It absorbed higher levels of CO2, which in turn gives a greater purpose to cultivate it
  • Bamboo is tougher than wood counterparts - so you know you’re buying durable tees
  • Bamboo is biodegradable, which means it is able to be broken down over time and avoid becoming pollution

Even the boxes our bamboo castle golf tees come in are unbleached kraft, which is 100% recyclable! The switch couldn’t be easier, we’ve even colour-coded our tees to reflect their plastic counterparts so you know exactly which one you need in your situation!