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Golfers are faced with so many options and choices- from the ball you use to the course you play and everything in between (not forgetting our awesome golf tees of course!). Here at Green Swing we take great pride in our products and this blog is here to highlight the love we have for our golf accessory and valuables pouch, and detail why we believe it is the perfect golf accessory.

golf accessories and valuables bag

When making any of our products we are looking at what is available in the market and what golfers need to make improvements to their game. As a golf tee specialist, we figured it was a great idea to make an accompaniment to keep your bamboo golf tees safe and easily accessible.

We looked at many of the golf valuable bags available and we were a little underwhelmed. Flimsy, poorly made, too small and garish (ok, there are some ridiculous designs out there) were a few descriptions that came up.

So we set about and these are the main features we looked to incorporate in our golf pouch to meet our fit for purpose requirements.


Good Size

The bag needs to be a reasonable size. It seems straightforward to say 'not too big' or 'not to small' but we have seen bags that could barely hold 10 tees and some that you could put 24 golf balls in!

Our bag has two compartments. The main pocket can comfortably hold 100* of our bamboo golf tees, or a mix of bamboo tees, balls, divot tool and ball makers. The secondary pocket is perfect sized to hold your phone, or perhaps some quick drawer accessories like your ball markers or scorecard.

*we tested a range of sizes that included both our classic golf tees and castle golf tees.


The Right Materials

Waterproof? Absolutely. The outer material of the bag is a waterproof canvas and the bag is lined in each pocket to make it durable. The canvas outer also gives the bag a rigid structure and, as it will be exposed to the elements, is suitable to keep any valuables safe from damage.

The main pocket is fleece lined and soft to the touch, while the secondary pocket has a recycled polyester lining to keep it lightweight.


Safe & Secure

The pocket has three closing points. The main pocket is has a zipped lined closure with a 2cm runaway to make sure it does not open when it shouldn't. The zip puller is also reinforced to make it easy to pull and ensure it lasts a long time.

The outside second pocket has magnetic closing. Perfect for popping items in and closing/opening quickly.

Not forgetting the carabiner clip - this clip has been upgraded to a stronger and more durable clip than we have seen on similar bags. The last thing you want is for the bag to drop off when walking the course.


Available in two colours, charcoal black and off-white. Shop your bag of choice by clicking on the image above

The bag also comes in our signature Kraft box which is fully recyclable. Keep your eyes peeled for a limited edition colour coming soon...

Looking for a great golf gift? Our Accessory and Valuables bag is the perfect gift idea. It is great for any golfer if perhaps you are unsure what golf tees or golf balls they use and you want to get them something practical and high quality.

New to Green Swing and our products? Why not learn about how our golf tees are made or perhaps get an insight on how our golf glove is made? We love to share our process, it is part of our commitment to a better future for golf.

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