What Golf Tees Should I Buy?

New to the game, overwhelmed by choice, unsure on size or just a mix of all three? We have you covered here at GreenSwing, check out our handy guide to which golf tees to buy so you can focus on your game.

Of course we are here to tell you all the awesome things about our bamboo golf tees, but we are also here to help with your selection. Maybe you are purchasing as a golf gift or maybe you are still caught between a castle golf tee and a classic golf tee, unsure when to use them and what could be optimal for your set up.

Back in 2020 when GreenSwing began trading, we started with just two golf tees – our 60mm castle tees and our 70mm classic golf tees – this is where our journey into bamboo golf tees began!

These two launched to much aplomb and gave us the confidence to invest further into different sizes to reach a broader audience. Very quickly it became clear that you guys wanted different combinations and wanted to replace your trusted plastic golf tees with a more sustainable option.


Bamboo Golf Tees

At this point our pink castle golf tees weren’t even pink – hands up to those who still have a box of the first edition pink golf tees with GREEN stripes in the middle.

Maybe we could re-release them in 10 years time as our latest Limited Edition? Who knows where we will be then… we digress, back to our topic of conversation: What golf tees should I buy?



Within a few months we expanded the classic golf tees to include 54mm and 83mm options – 54mm great for shorter iron shots, and 83mm better for those who tee it high – although we do find that the 83mm tee can break a lot easier if pushed too far into the ground. For this reason we expanded further to include a small (but mighty) 38mm classic golf tee.

For those that use the classic golf tees we would recommend 70mm and 38mm as the perfect pair.

In our opinion these bamboo golf tees work in tandem to give you short and long hitting options, and without having to put the tees too far into the ground they will last much longer. Shop them here in our classic golf tees collection with free UK delivery as standard and international shipping available.   

Our perfect pair: 38mm and 70mm



Similar to the classic tees, it was clear that we needed to bring different size options to our range of castle golf tees – we launched our 25mm (green), 32mm (red), 38mm (blue) and 70mm (orange) to our already existing (and now pink!) 60mm pink golf tees.

We created this range of castle golf tees to be a direct replacement for plastic golf tees. It was important that the replacement bamboo golf tees performed just as well, if not better! We found that many wooden golf tees had long spikes which meant (a bit like having a long classic golf tee) if they were too far in the ground they would break. We came up with a 20mm spike system whereby all of our bamboo castle golf tees have the same optimum length spike that goes into the ground which will help the tees last longer no matter the height above the ground.

We soon followed with the launch of our 45mm (yellow) and 50mm (white) castle golf tees to complete the line up, together with our mixed box.

When picking the perfect golf tee we appreciate that not everyone has the same angle of attack in their golf swing and also not everyone uses the same club, so a wide range of golf tees is essential for those that prefer to use a castle tee.

We have seen some great pairings in this category, it is certainly down to personal choice so we would highly recommend our mixed castle tees (aka our Greatest Hits!) so you can nail down your preferred options before stocking up.

What are castle tees? Check out our blog where we deep dive the sizes and colours so you can pick the perfect castle tee to suit your game.  

Our perfect pair: 25mm and 60mm



When it comes to our tees, we have your game covered – we have some great gift sets available that  include some our bestselling boxes to ensure the recipient is likely to get what they need, so be sure to check this out (in fact our gift set was highly recommended by Golf.com in 2022!).

Looking to nail the gift? You can always have a rummage through their golf bag to see what they use, and as all our bamboo golf tees are colour coded you can match them to the tees on our site.

We appreciate that there a lot of golf gifts out there, check out our golf wishlist blog for some tips on what to avoid to make sure they get a golf gift they really want!

Finally, keep an eye on our Limited Edition collection which we update throughout the year with one off golf tee designs – they are all limited to quantities between 250 and 1000 boxes, but note once they are gone they are gone forever, so be quick!

We hope this gives you some insight into the process for buying your next golf tees. All our tees are warehoused locally and available for immediate dispatch (same day before 4pm). With free delivery across the UK and available to customers worldwide.

By shopping with GreenSwing you are supporting an independent business focused on bringing a positive change to golf.

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